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  • To schedule your website and marketing review, talk with us personally at 706-363-0530.

    Or contact us here.

    Who else wants to win the game online as a local business?


    (When was the last time you used the Yellow Pages?)

    Your customers are looking for you online. Can they FIND YOU?

    Can your customers find you online even if they don’t know your business name?
    If you’re not in Google’s top 3-5, your competitors are getting YOUR clicks.

    • FACT – The Yellow Pages have steadily been declining while usage of Google skyrockets. And for your customers, the Internet is the way to  locate a business. Fast!
    • FACT – Over 1 BILLION Local Searches performed online EVERY month!!  (And growing over 50% a year.)
    • FACT – 81% of people first search online before making a purchase… (vs) using yellow pages, newspapers, other traditional “offline” methods
    • FACT 2 out of 3 people use Google first to find local businesses when they need a product or service
    • FACT – 98% of Google Searches Stop on Page 1 to pick the Business they Feel they can Trust
    • FACT $34.7 billion in sales were generated through initial internet contact in JUST the Third Quarter of last year

    Here’s how people click when they search on Google:

    The #1 ranked site gets 41% of the clicks
    The #2 ranked site gets 12% of the clicks
    The #3 ranked site gets 8.5% of the clicks

    If you’re not on the first page, you might as well not exist online.

    The Solution: 5-Point Online Market Domination

    Become the #1 authority online in your market.

    • Right now: You might not even be close to page 1 on Google…
    • Soon: You’re THE Authority, your business is EVERYWHERE online, and people choose you over your competitors.

    1. Get Listed
    Get listed in the Big 3 for local businesses (Google Places/Local, Yahoo Local, MSN/Bing Local)

    2. Move Up
    Get ready to dominate the front page by making your site search engine-friendly.

    3. Dominate
    Use videos, press releases, articles, social media and Web 2.0 content sites, online classifieds, online business directories, and online review sites to make the search engines fall in love with your site.

    4. Lead the Pack
    Your site appears in local, natural, and paid search results. Everywhere they look, your customers see you.

    5. Your Phone Rings Off The Hook 🙂
    Your customers can find you — and you see the results in your increased profitability.

    Let’s Look at the Numbers:

    Let’s look at some typical numbers for a local business market. Let’s say:

    1. 50,000 people are looking for your services each month online. If you’re a lawyer in Houston, maybe they’re typing in “Houston law firm” or “best Houston divorce attorney” or maybe “find a lawyer in Houston”.
    2. If you can get even 10% of the people who are looking to come to YOUR site, that’s 5,000 visitors a month.
    3. If only 5% of that traffic CALLS you about your services, and only 25% of them buy…that’s 62 NEW customers in a month.
    4. If your customer value is $1,000… that’s $62,000 more in your pocket every month.

    This is just an example of course. Sometimes the numbers are smaller, sometimes bigger. Your online domination begins with a free site review and consultation (we normally charge $250 per hour for a first consult), where we’ll assess your current site, estimate your available traffic, and customize a plan for optimizing your online business presence and creating a stream of online traffic (aka customers) to get your phones ringing.

    Call to schedule your first consultation today.

    Talk with us personally at 706-363-0530.

    Or contact us here.

    P.S. We will never pressure you into buying anything from us. We believe its our job to listen first to your unique situation. Only after we hear what your goals are and what your unique business situation is, do we make a recommendation to help you achieve those goals. Whatever your business’ size or situation, we’ll give you an honest appraisal of what your next steps online should be.

    P.P.S. We probably won’t be able to extend this offer forever, as it is a big time commitment for us. We’re happy to give back to our community with this free consultation, but don’t delay too long in contacting us.

    We only work with clients that we believe will see a substantial return on investment from what we do, and we’ll never try to convince you that you need something that won’t help your business in the long run. We are here to stay, just like your business. We work as your long term marketing partner, and are only interested in partnering with you if we can help grow your business over the long haul.

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